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Unfortunately, there have been gender, sexual, political, and racial events, surveys, assignments, and personnel incidents within SUSD.  These kinds of things HAVE TO STOP!  Here’s a sampling of some that occurred: 


1. GLISEN Day of Silence at Cocopah Middle School (2020-2021 school year). 

  • Without notifying parents, Principal and teachers enacted a “Day of Silence” throughout the school to bring awareness to “widespread oppression of the LGBTQIA+ community”

    • 11- to-13 year old students were strongly encouraged to take and display cards of support for sexual and gender liberalism.  Those that didn’t comply were labeled as bigots by other students, and those who did take cards were praised by teachers. Students who participated were called “gay” and those who didn’t participate were called “homophobic” by other students. 

           (AZ Free News 12/7/21; Arizona Independent News Network 4/13/2022)


2. Deadname Policy

SUSD allows students to replace their legal birth names, called “deadnames”, on their IDs with their preferred names. Generally done when a person is transitioning genders. Students (minors) are allowed to do so without parental permission.


3. SUSD does not require parents to be notified of what after-school clubs their child belongs to.  

Of particular concern to many parents is the GSA club (Genders Sexuality Alliance) that their minor child may belong to without parental knowledge.  


4. Drag Queen Story Hour, promoted by the Scottsdale Parent Council.

Is it really necessary to promote this topic in our schools, especially to 14-year olds? Why? What’s next?


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5. Arcadia High School Family Survey

Time taken away from teaching reading, writing, math, and science to have these kinds of classroom discussions.     

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6. 8th Grade Assignment About Rap Music

While the premise of the assignment might be good, two things are concerning:

  1.  Not sure it’s appropriate for 8th grade students, maybe high school students

  2. The political commentary provided by the teacher “The George W. Bush administration was criminally slow to react”,  “the sheer neglect of black lives” has NO place in a classroom unless all sides of the issue are factually presented and discussed. Students should never be able to identify the political persuasion of any teacher. 

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7. A Staff Member Talking to 5- and 6-year Olds About Being Androgenous

The staff member told school authorities that he/she didn’t bring the subject up, rather the students asked him/her if they should call him/her Mr. or Miss, at which point he/she answered by saying “Neither” “I am not a boy or a girl”.   The appropriate response from the teacher is not to talk to kindergartners about gender identity; the appropriate answer is to say “Call me Mia” and move on to another topic. 

8. Unicorn Camp/Club Sexual Orientation Activities

Unicorn Camp is a 5-day camp with students from all 5 SUSD high schools.  Unicorn Clubs are extracurricular clubs for SUSD high school students.  Documents show SUSD staff members planning to use "Herman's Head" and "Safe Zone" curriculum from Anytown for Unitown activities. 

The “Herman’s Head” skit provides a suggested dialog in which a gender-confused child’s parents, church, best friend, and current gender-opposite partner are all perplexed and hurt by the child’s gender revelations, and a new potential gender-aligned partner feels eager. The narrative instructs the characters to talk loudly at the gender-confused child until the child explodes with frustration. The skit then suggests that the gender-confused child take out a toy gun to suggest the idea of suicide.

The Safe Zone curriculum includes the questionnaire shown below to be asked of adults who are not students' parents.

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